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“Our houses are really “lived through houses” . They were the dwellings for generations of residents, artisans and traders who used to go to the city of Venise to work and back home to the Giudecca. These houses were renewed and are now endowed with all modern comforts but there you can still breath the original soul of the Serenissima. Some of our guests are used to return here all the years for a week, 15 days sometimes or even for just a long week-end. They find here a piece of their memory, a place they know and that is rich of emotions…..a place where there are still the points of reference, also for the daily shopping: the fish market, the wine shop, the bakery, the bars , the restaurants…. These houses allow you to live in a context where people still isn’t accustomed to mass tourism and still consider the guest as a neighbor, as someone they know- almost a friend...

Gli appartamenti, con ingresso indipendente, appartengono ad una più ampia proprietà, già della famiglia Mocenigo, costituita da due case antiche, risalenti al XVII secolo, poste nella fondamenta Ponte Piccolo dell’isola della Giudecca, davanti all’omonimo canale; il pontile di imbarco “Giudecca Palanca”, che permette di raggiungere Venezia in pochi minuti di vaporetto, è a soli 200 metri di distanza e consente anche un comodo arrivo con i propri bagagli sia dalla stazione che dai terminal automobilistici.


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