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Giudecca: an island in the island

Experience the daily life of the most beautiful city in the world, tasting the lagoon landscapes and the incomparable view of the basin of San Marco: a strategic position to reach the most famous of the lagoon city.



The island of Giudecca is located about 400 meters south of Venice and is separated from the city homonymous Channel. Venice has always been typical neighborhood inhabited by the residents: a walk along the canal, meander in the streets and breathe the true atmosphere of Venice. Do not miss the small shops, local restaurants, the typical wine bars, all that is most authentic in town! Venice is in front, close at hand, ready to be viewed, studied, photographed at all hours of the day and especially early morning when the tourists have not yet arrived daily in the evening, the night when he returns the exclusive property of the Serenissima. With the boat you go anywhere: to the rafts in 2 minutes, in Piazza San Marco in 10 minutes, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Lido .... and why, if the vacancy permits, do not visit Malamocco, San Pietro in Volta, Armenians, St. Francis of the Desert ... It 'a moment across the Giudecca Canal and enter the flow of tourists, as well as a second back on the island of Giudecca and savor the calm, and the simple pleasures of everyday life.



Vista Giudecca Venezia Vista Giudecca Venezia Vista Giudecca Venezia Vista Giudecca Venezia




Visit Venice and experience life in Giudecca


In the Isle of Giudecca:

The Cathedral of Redentore whose construction started in 1577 according to the project made by Antonio Palladio and ended by his pupil Antonio da Ponte in 1592, the Stucky Mill, Harry’s Cakes Restaurant , the Hilton Hotel from whose terrace one can enjoy a total view over the city, together with the historical Cipriani Hotel with its marvelous garden on the lagoon, the seat of the very well- known firm of Mariano Fortuny fabrics, founded in 1919 and still active. Not Only, but also the small shops where to go shopping such as the greengrocer, the bakery, the delicatessen shop, the classical Osterie and the Bacari where you can taste typical appetizers enjoying a good glass of wine or lingering with the famous Venetian aperitif the “Sprits”, and the trattorie facing the Giudecca Canal where you can taste all the specialities of the isle. Before you, the isle of San Giorgio, seat of the Foundation Cini, international cultural center and the quay of the Zattere nearby the world famous expo centers of Pinolt and Guggenheim.